Top photography spots around the world!

I think photography is just one of those things that will never EVER bore you. But with this job, there is a need to be dynamic. You need to find new spots, creativity and a fresh new air of inspiration is needed. There are so many spots around the world that are famous for the awesome photographs you can take and there are other places where no man has gone, but if you ever have the chance, great photographs will be taken. Here are some of the coolest spots around the world you can choose to photograph and get creative with you art and passion.

The Falkland Islands


You sort of need to have VIP access to this spot since it is private, but if you ever are lucky enough to visit these islands, believe me, you will be thankful for all eternity since your pictures will come out looking pretty awesome.

Alberta, Canada

I’m mentioning the whole province because there are so many spots in Alberta to choose from. I mean, there are landscapes, Mountains, clear blue lakes, mineral deposits the list is endless. So you can obviously see why any picture you take in Alberta is guaranteed to come out just perfect an awesome since there are so many different places there to get inspired with.

White Sands, New Mexico

You have sand, dunes and desserts I mean, what more could you ask for when it comes to finding a great spot to take pictures? You can do such an awesome photo shoot for a magazine at this spot.

The Kimberly, Australia

Again, if you are a fan of landscapes, especially remote ones, this is your go-to spot. It is said that the mountains that are part of this awesome landscape have a very peculiar bee-like shape.



Sicily, Italy

This spot is filled with so much history. Even when you are walking down the streets you fill find so much inspiration it is crazy. If you ever feel like going back in time and really experiencing truly historic spots and the warmth of its people, then this is the perfect photography spot for you.

Having said all of this, these are just a few spots but there are so many more around the world and whether you call it photography, fotografía or fotografering, the language just won’t matter because at the end of the day, the inspiration will continue to grow no matter what spot in the world you choose.