If you happen to be a cat owner, DO NOT confuse these bad foods for treats

Owning a cat is super fun. I mean, a cat’s personality is very complex in case you haven’t noticed, and spending time with your cat NEVER represents a dull moment. But also, having a cat means you have responsibilities and some of those represent knowing what types of food are bad for them and which ones represent rewards for good behavior. Sometimes, not knowing what does your cat good or not might hurt your cat and ignorance on the subject is not an excuse for harming your cat. Since I want you to protect your cat at all costs, here are the foods that represent poison to cats and the ones that represent treats for them.

Dog food is meant only for dogs


I happen to own cats as well as dogs and sometimes, you might see your cats getting some of the food that is meant for your dogs. Don’t get me wrong, your cat can eat it from time to time because mine did and they are still alive but, and the end of the day, if a cat eats dog food for a long period of time, it might lead them to be malnourished. Why is this? Because not all the nutrients needed by cats are contained in dog food.

Chocolate might represent a great treat for you, but not for cats

Treats do not only represent poisonous food for dogs, but also for cats. I remember a friend telling me once that they rewarded their dog for good behavior with chocolate and although it did not die, it got very sick. The chocolate that was given to this dog was probably not dark chocolate because this one is the one that represents the most harm to dogs and cats. There are some toxins that are contained in dark chocolate that could cause seizures and even death.

Anyways, there are lots of foods that also represent harm to animals but you just need to get familiar with the treats that your animal can or cannot eat. Remember loving your animal also means getting informed on how to care for them. Having said this, when it comes to your animals, specifically your cat, I recommend you take the safe route and feed them with cat food. It contains the necessary nutrients needed by cats to stay healthy.  If you happen to live in Brazil, there is a super awesome cat food product called Farmina that I definitely recommend and whether you say ração premium para gatos or premium cat food, feeding your cat healthy food is something well known and understood worldwide which means you don’t need to speak another language to know if you are feeding your cat correctly.