The talent expressed through music, ONR

The sound

The world, as it is in constant changes, demands more and more things form the societies that as we never know, in a blink of an eye, there are new elements where we just saw some “new” ones. Music is not away or far from this fact. As life is changing, sounds and characteristics of music is changing too. there are many new sounds and new musical styles that it would be difficult to account them in few words or in a few examples not leaving out too many to say. The music then is a big industry in constant evolution, and the new composers, singers, bands and artists are getting to make what in the future will be called history.


The new era of music

In some places, the birth of a sound or the discovery of a new trend in music can take place in much unexpected situations. It would take just a group of musicians sharing to see the start of a sound. It is the case of Onr music which sound has been creating a very eclectic but unique movement of fans around the world. They have a stamp as with their peculiar sound, and the beat and lyrics of their compositions have made them earn a place of the new talent in the scene already known in Europe and North America.


Worldwide movement

With the conception that music is a universal language, the expectations of a band like ONR would not be far from reality as even with them being very enthusiastic in their reach. The audience that this band has around the world is in frank growth and the reach this movement can have only time has a saying on it. The thing is that the music that is coming out of the compositions, arrangements and musical creations of these artists is, as very peculiar, innovative and interesting; the new movement towards the music is going to. To find out more, just a few clicks in their website and their social networks could take you to where their working on.