These are the top 4 worldwide famous music festivals you need to attend before you die!

Some people have different goals in life base on the values, upbringing, etc. But, if you happen to have had the awesome privilege of having grown up listening to awesome music, then you just know, there are some really famous music festivals you need to go to at least once in your life! In this article, I want to talk to you about just that! I want to show you the top 4 must go to festivals because my friend, you only live once so, better make sure you start working hard and saving up some money so that you visit them!

The Glastonbury music festival


What is not to love about this awesome music festival? Only the best of the best play in this festival and you have a whole variety of music genres to choose from so, the fun options are limitless my friend. But, you need to get all your papers and passport ready as this music festival, is held in the United Kingdom.

The Coachella Festival


This is not just a music festival that is solely attended by celebrities to take selfies. They actually have some really awesome bands in this festival as well so, I guess you can kind of say you are getting the best of both worlds as not only are you getting to see your favorite bands play but also, you might get the chance to take a selfie with Kendal Jenner and that is always a plus! This music festival is held in Indio, USA.


If you happen to be a big fan of electronic music then, this music festival is going to be the equivalent of going to heaven for you! You definitely get the biggest names in the electronic music world as well as the best Djs in the world. Also, those awesome stages are a big plus for the audience that attends.

Rock in Rio


You might think this music festival is held exclusively in Rio de Janeiro but actually, it is help in multiple cities around the world! Like Madrid and Las Vegas for example. But, it is still really awesome in any of the cities I just mentioned.


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